Examples of Commissioned Work

How I learnt to love the rain; Motogiro d'Italia 2008

I’d forgotten how noisy rain can be, bouncing off your helmet and fired at the visor despite a very modest pace. It’s been 25 years since I last rode in proper rain, but I’m dangerously close to enjoying the concentration needed to keep shiny side up. Read More

Dry rot – the scariest mushroom of them all

I've just seen one of the scariest outbreaks of dry rot of my career. What had seemed to be a bit of mould in a tenanted early Victorian house quickly became a full blown dry rot infestation creeping into attics, behind kitchen units and reaching out for the entire house in just a few short months. Environmental health swung by at the request of the tenant, took one look at his pregnant girlfriend and insisted the landlord rehouse them. Read More